Founded With Pride

Hot Seat™ was born out of a desire to enjoy the outdoors. We build products for the person who appreciates ruggedly smart designs as much as safe, comfortable enjoyment—the person who is always ready to warm up right.

Our point of departure is Warm Comfort

We fell in love with gear that makes warming up easy and named our company to honor this passion.

We then took on the challenge of creating the most powerful heated products. Our designs are informed by carefully considering the demands and necessities of the everyday adventurer. We use high-grade heating coils for maximum efficiency, optimize our designs for lightning-fast warmth, and always maintain the highest quality standards. Designed in California and backed by a 2 Year Warranty.

Hot Seat™ is still a young brand, but we are fueled by the number of passionate adventurers that resonate with our approach. With our current lineup we are proud to be producing more products that warm up right.

Nima & Kannyn, Founders