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The Hot Seat

Heated Camping Chair

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The Hot Seat™ Camping Chair features USB-powered heating technology (portable USB battery not included). The heat safely penetrates the body to relax and warm your muscles at any outdoor sports, beach, or camping activities. A simple push of a button can warm up your seat up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Works with ANY USB battery pack and lasts for hours. Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Port of your battery and feel the warmth!

Enjoy Sports Again

Being outside can be comfortable and warm with the Hot Seat™ Portable Camping Chair.

It's Hot So You Stay Warm

Our proprietary heating system heats the bottom of the chair to over 100 degrees in just 1 minute.

Plug it in and Heat

Power to heat the chair is provided by Your portable battery/power bank. You may already have one, if not they are available on Amazon or at your local retailer.

The Future of Outdoor Seating is Here

All these incredible features in one chair. Pockets, heat, quality, comfort, stability, and a cupholder.

  • Easy Recline

    Recline by simply lifting the arms.

  • Plenty of Pockets

    Four pockets for small items and one large pocket for clothing.

  • Durable Construction

    Chair is made from Durable 600D Polyester is Waterproof and Durable.

  • Easy Transportation

    Simple to Fold and place into carry bag

  • Portable & Foldable

    Dimensions of chair and folded Chair

  • Heavy Duty

    Over 21 inches wide & supports up to 300 lbs